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How to catch a catfish?

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The only freshwater fish species in Europe, which can exceed 100 kg, and at the same time regularly gives the fish with a fishing pole, a sum. And probably the best fishery of the fish in Europe is the Spanish river Ebro and lying on its course dam reservoir Caspe. The population of these beautiful predators is estimated there are currently more than 5 million units! To catch a record fish in our game you need big catfish bait and durable rod (12 Lb). To fish the Ebro have to include previous fishery and earn $ 100 buy-in to the FA. Good luck.

Click on the picture to watch a movie.


Get here for Android.

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Download for Android or iOS

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Probably the best fishing simulator is now available for a free download.

Realism: 3D graphics, vibration, accelerator, multiplayer - network competition , multilingual.

Fishing Asp 3D is dedicated to smartphones with Android and iOS. 

Get for Android

Get for iOS        

Download and play.

Movie: Fishing Asp 3D (dubbing) First steps

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To find the game in the App Store is best to enter the entire name Fishing Asp 3D. Internet is commercialized, now given Internet users sponsored content only then reaches for the results of work search engine robots ;/

In the shop you will find a free version and paid. They differ in that the paid version you get 10x more currency ($ FA) for the fish caught. Currency is needed to attract new lures and to pay the registration fee for the next fishing competition. In addition, the game you are rewarded for watching videos advertising and for testing other applications. In case of problems with the transition level or uzbierania currency to another you can take a shortcut and use micropayments.

To participate in the competition network is needed constant access to the Internet and required to provide the names of Useful Links. The Scoreboard is on this page.

After you enter your name (Score) we can start the game. There we have 3 twisters. Their effectiveness is not shocking but enough. Will be helpful hint system (green arrow), which will cease to appear after being caught 1 fish.

  1. We assume bait
  2. Set the brake reel
  3. We throw the bait
  4. Wrap streak leading the bait
  5. We strike the senses taking (vibration) or notice (twitching the rod tip)
  6. We tow fish
  7. Boated fish touch.

When you touch the fish is measured, weighed and returned to the water and on our account appears additional currency and changing our position in the standings of the competition.

To take a picture of our record fish in Fish tab click on the phone screen around the face directing the camera towards the face. Right thumb can be captured personnel move while the left scale (up-down) and rotate (right-left). Output tab saves the image in the phone directory: / data / com.zik.fishingasp / file.

Get Version for iOS   &  Android